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Small jQuery Plugin to display a Chart of Plotted Data

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Welcome to SimpleChart for JQuery.

This is a Small jQuery Plugin to display a Chart of Plotted Data


Include in Head Tag

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.SimpleChart.js"></script>

JavaScript / jQuery

lineWidth: 2, // Chart Line Width
strokeColor: "#333", // Axis Lines Color
borderColor: "#333", // Border Color
borderWidth: 3, // Border Width
backgroundColor: "#FFF", // Background color of chart
backgroundImg: "css/jquery.SimpleChart/monthly_grid.png", // Background Image for chart (i.e Grid Layout)
data: data, // Default plot
title: "Simple Chart", // Default Title of chart
titleFontSize: 16, // Title Font size
titleColor: "#FFF", // Title Color
showTitle: true, // If True show title
titleBGColor: '#006', // Title Background Color
xTitle: "", // Title of X Axis
yTitle: "", // Title of Y Axis
xTitleBGColor: '#006', // Title X Axis background Color
yTitleBGColor: '#006', // Title Y Axis background Color
xFontSize: 16, // X Axis Title Font Size
yFontSize: 16, // Y Axis Title Font Size
xTitleColor: "#000", // X Axis Title Color
yTitleColor: "#000", // Y Axis Title Color
maxValX: 12, // Maximum value of data XAxis
maxValY: 100, // Maximum value of data YAxis
width: 500, // Width of Graph
height: 300, // Height of Graph
margin: 10, // Margin between each graph
showKey: true, // Show chart key
toolTip: '' // If set, this will use jQuery Tooltip

Data & Plot Points

    	var data = [
		        values:[                        // Array of Plot Values
		                X:5,                    // X Coordinate of Point 1
        		        Y:50                    // Y Coordinate of Point 1
        		        X:10,                   // X Coordinate of Point 2
		                Y:100                   // Y Coordinate of Point 2
        		    }                           // And So on
		        color:"red",                    // Color of the Line and Point
		        title:"Red Color",              // Title of the line for the chart key
		        action: "alert('Red Color');"   // Action if key is Clicked
		        title:"Blue Color",
		        action: "alert('Blue Color');"


    <div id="demo1" style="position:relative"></div>


Authors and Contributors

This Plugin was created and maintained by Robert Haddad (SmokinPuppy)

Support or Contact

Having trouble with the Plugin? Contact me at and I’ll help you sort it out.